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I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Wait time. Visited for General Eye checkup. Doctor gives proper time to you and patiently listen your problem. Satisfied and Recommended.
-Piyush Kulkarni

I have been taking check ups with renounwed opthalmologist of Jaipur since 2007 but firstly I have great experience of udawat eye hospital last Sunday.
Dr. Vishal sir is very kind to patient, observe everything like reports, patient's medical history etc.He gives more time to patient as well as his queries.
I love this type of nature of our doctors.
Thanks to Mr. Vishal sir and his team.
-Abhishek Jain

I am very much happy with Dr.Visual Udawat's treatment. He gave me a lot of time. He took proper care and cured me very fast. Jaipur is a new city for me I really feel good to have such good experience with Dr. Vishal udawat. I strongly recommend him for any eye consultation.

Dr. Udawat is very polite and patiently listens to an individual's problems before suggesting diagnosis.

Doctor said he mujhe achi tare se dekha aur mera ilaj kiya, I am satisfied with the treatment. I will recommend him for eye problems.

I came to Jaipur to visit my nephew.I was having some vision problem. I came to consult Dr. Vishal Udawat for the first time. I am not good in speaking Hindi language but still Dr. Visual understood all my problems and cured me.Thank you Dr. Vishal.

I came to Dr Vishal to consult for one of my relative. Doctor is very good. I am very much satisfied.

This was my followup checkup with Dr.Vishal. I am feeling so much recovered. Thanks to Dr Vishal Udawat.

I am so much satisfied for having consulted Dr. Vishal Udawat. He is a very good doctor. Would surely recommend him.
-Avinash Kumar

I had lot of itching in both my eyes. This was my first visit here I hope I will get some relief by your medicines.
-Kavita Meena

Doctor thanks for early diagnosis and treatment of my Glaucoma. I had visited so many doctors but all missed it. Thanks Dr for detecting my problem. After your treatment I feel much better.
-Manisha Jain

I came with pain and problem in my vision. I am glad that Dr. Vishal could listen to me and gave me the right treatment. Thanks Dr.
-R. N. Kakkar

I had a good experience with Dr Vishal. This is the first time I have visited him, experience was great. I would surely recommend him.

Doctor is very good. I am very much satisfied with his treatment.
-Sourav Ghosh

Nice doctor and nice thanks Dr.vishal udawat.

Dr.visual udawat is a very good doctor and give a nice treatment .so thanks Dr.vishal udawat....
-Praveen kalash

V.good doctor .and give a very nice treatment thanks
-Mahendra singh

Dr Visual is so polite...I really liked his way of investigation.
-Kartik Reddy

Thank you Dr Vishal. I just liked your hospitality.

I came here for the first time...overall experience was great..
-Nishant R

Doctor is very good. He is very polite, very much knowledgeable and answers to every queries.
-Chandresh Singh

Came to Dr. Visual for the first time. Such nice doctor he is...very good experience.
-Sushil kumar

Very good Doctor. He is so polite and gives time for the treatment. Over all great experience.
-B.P Modi

It was well good with soft spoken nd he told my son everything in detail for his eyes. It was very apriciable

Very nice doctor. I am very happy.
-Nitesh Gaur

Very good doctor...Hospitality was very good.
-Nitesh Dhupia

I strongly recommend Dr vishal udawat for eye problems. I got both my eyes operated from him. It has been a month since my surgery. I am quite satisfied with the surgery.

Had gone for an eye check up and was very impressed with the knowledge and skill of the Doctor. Was very satisfied and would highly recommend.

Nice doctor and good visiting .......

Thank you doctor for your efficient care
-Sumer singh

Nice doctor.and good staff ..
-Badri lal sharma

Very good doctor. I m very much satisfied.
-Abhisar Sharma

Nice doctor. I would like to recommend him.
-Muniram soni

Dr. Vishal is a very good doctor.

Good doctor...met my expectation.

Good Doctor. Over all experience very nice.