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OPD Facilities

  • We have Carl Zeiss OCT machine for complete Retinal and Glaucoma Evaluation.
  • We have two motorized modern ophthalmic chair units, two slit lamps (Shin Nippon - Japan) and two lensometers at both of our centres.
  • We have a computerized Autorefratometer (Shin Nippon - Japan), Keratometer and A Scan (Shin Nippon - Japan).
  • Facilities for tonometry, indirect ophthalmoscopy and gonioscopy is available at both the centres.
  • Squint examination and exercises by horizontal and vertical prisms are done for children and adults.
  • Amblyopia therapy for children and ROP screening for pre mature infants.
  • Facility for making of all types of glasses and ocular prosthesis are also available.
  • Soft, hard and bandage Contact lenses are prescribed after proper keratometry.
  • We have the collection center of Dr.B.Lal Clinical Laboratory.